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South Africa

  • Our centre here is located in Durban 
  • We currently have 1,300 agents live 
  • Can expand this to 2,000+ agents 
  • 24hr operation across campaigns 
  • South Africa is known to have a similar culture to that of the UK, Australia and the US
  • South Africa is among the top 3 Locations that support English language skills at scale, it also has the added advantage to support a broad range of European languages. South Africans also have a natural cultural affiliation to UK, US, EU, Australia and New Zealand and a neutral accent understood and accepted by all
  • South Africa has the 26th largest GDP in the world and a thriving democracy
  • With infrastructure to match any first world country and well-developed financial, legal, communications, energy and transport sectors, South Africa is on par with the other leading BPO destinations
  • The government has named the contact centre industry as a focus area for investment