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Our Filipino centres are located in Bacolod, Cebu, Cavite and Manila. 

This location is our main focus when placing campaigns and benefits from the following...

    • Across all sites we have in the region of 800 agents
    • We have the capacity to expand this to over 4,000 agents
    • Superior English communication skills. Choosing a Philippine call centre gives you access to the pool of one of the best English communicators available today. Compared to their Asian neighbours, Philippines has the highest level of English proficiency above all other countries in Asia. This contributes to a better conversation and customer experience for your clients. To a British ear, a Filipino sounds very close to American. English is one of two official languages along with Tagalog
    • Philippines has grown so fast that it has overtaken India as the call-centre capital of the world
    • Positive customer experiences… The Filipinos’ naturally friendly and helpful personality makes them among the most customer-centric call centre agents
    • Filipinos grow up immersed in the Western culture, from TV shows, to music, to fashion. This makes it easier for them to converse confidently and establish rapport with customers from the more developed, Western countries
    • The industry attracts many graduates and is a professional career
    • Experts estimate that the country's BPO industry will generate $25 billion in revenue, accounting for about 10% of the Philippines' economy and as much as the total amount expected to be sent home by the 11 million Filipino nurses, sailors, musicians and others working overseas
    • Lower cost solutions than other worldwide regions, for which you also get very experienced agents