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Pawticulars is a dog grooming salon and shop in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Pawticulars came to us wanting to refresh their whole identity. The team at Pawticulars are most well known for their work with Cockapoos and similar breeds, and so the new identity focuses almost entirely on the image of a Cockapoo. Although they wanted to modernise their image, retaining some familiarity for existing clients was essential and so we chose to include the pawprint icon featured in the old logo. Although the paw icon was rather inconspicuous in the old logo, we decided that it would work well as a secondary logo for the new identity. When talking to Ceri, the owner of Pawticulars, she mentioned that she wanted her new logo to be easily spotted from a nearby main road and so it was important to keep the design clean, eye catching and simple.

The logo had to be appropriate for use on all social media channels, but more crucially, had to work well when featured on both internal and external signage.