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L'amour Pure

L’amour Pure is a brand-new ethical skincare brand, with a focus on clean and simple products.

The brief – to create a logo for L’amour Pure – was initially very open. After discussing competitors’ branding, current/classic typographic trends and collating a few different moodboards, we settled on a custom-made logotype as the primary logo. The client discussed with us their intention to eventually branch into haircare, and for this reason the design is recognisable but not limiting, allowing for expansion of L’amour Pure’s product range over time.

The apostrophe used in the custom logotype also doubles up as a comma that is used in the logomark. This was done with the intention of representing L’amour Pure’s ethos further – skincare should allow you to slow down, pause for a moment and be treated as a ritualistic act of self-care.

The logo is to be used across all cosmetic product packaging, as well as marketing collateral and social media.