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Guyana & Belize

South & Central America

  • Strategically located. 
  • Both Countries are part of the Commonwealth with English as their first language, with a strong British influence and historical ties to the UK and our Monarch.
  • We currently have in the region of 800 operators in this location 
  • These centres have the capacity and infrastructure to expand to 2,5000+ agents 
  • Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America and English is spoken with a neutral accent
  • The English-speaking agents in Belize have a fantastic telephone manner and are ideal for more in-depth campaigns. The accent is almost american. 
  • English is Guyana’s first and only language 
  • Extensive broadband capacity 
  • Young University educated workforce
  • Total Government support for the Contact Centre industry 
  • Geographical proximity to the United State