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Data List Rental & Lead Purchase 

Accurate & compliant data made simple. 

If you need quality marketing data with a no-nonsense approach, then you've come to the right place!
Email lists, telephone lists, mailing lists... we have all the marketing lists you need. 

We work closely with our clients to drive growth and improve ROI via data intelligence, expert knowledge and accurate data. We have a solution for any marketing conundrums you may have and if we don't have the relevant data or leads to help your business, then we can freshly collect it on your behalf with our call centre and lead generation solutions.

We have outlined the three main data services that we offer below.

Business Data 

Ensure you reach the correct contact with B2B Data Lists from Digital Line Media... 

With over 4 million contacts across 3 million sites, we’ll have the target market you’re looking for. 
Don't waste time and money contacting the wrong person or out of date company information, our information is accurate and compliant with great volumes available whatever your campaign type. 

Quality and freshness are of the utmost importance to us and with nearly 1 million updates per month across our key contributors, we only use the most up to date information. TPS checked and GDPR compliant data. 

Get in touch today and request a data count based on your target market. 
The most popular selections for targeting are;

  • Industry / SIC Sector 
  • Job Title 
  • Size / Employee Number 
  • Turnover 
  • Contact Channel Required - Postal, Telephone, Email
  • Geographically 

Consumer Data 

Quality marketing lists are key to starting engaging conversations with prospects at home...

We have access to vast B2C data sets that are regularly updated and increasing in volume weekly. This includes all contact channels such as; telephone (landline & mobile), emails and postal data. All data supplied by us is PECR and GDPR compliant with full opt-in trails available for every record. 

With full lifestyle variables we can provide a list of prospects that fall within your target market, no matter how precise your criteria. Thousands of selections on our databases are possible and whilst it would be impossible to list them all here, it's safe to say that whether it be age and income selections or more in-depth overlays such as month of insurance renewal or energy switchers, we can help. 
We have the tools to help take your customer acquisition to the next level.  

Lead Generation and Lifestyle Surveys

Let Digital Line Media qualify and opt-in consumers on your behalf...

We are a specialist in Telemarketing, bespoke lead generation and Hot Key campaigns. We can offer you a standalone campaign that is specifically for your brand with all leads generated either hot keyed direct to you in real-time or sent across on a daily basis... We can even see a lead all the way through to sale and payment if required. The agents selected for your campaign become an extension of your own team and we encourage our clients to help train them in their products, services and company history.  

For a  lower cost lead generation solution, we also have access to lifestyle survey leads. This service when undertaken correctly and compliantly is a very effective strategy for many clients and still has a huge place in the market depending on your requirements. You can rest assured that all survey leads supplied by Digital Line Media are fully compliant and freshly collected on your behalf. 
The aim of the survey is to find consumers that fall within your target market and to ask them questions to help you qualify them as a lead. There are multiple client questions on the survey from different industries and this reduces costs whilst still offering our clients exclusive leads. We will collect a brand opt-in for you and provide back all the information collected on your behalf as a fresh and warm lead. Its important to remember that the agents conducting the surveys are not sales people, so it's key to keep questions as simple as possible and let your own in-house sales team convert the prospects into sales.