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Our Calling Services

From Telemarketing and Telesales to Customer Service and Market Research... we offer it all here under one roof! Take a look below at some of our call center services.

Whether it be a B2B or B2C campaign, inbound or outbound, 5 agents or 500 agents; we can help!
Our onshore UK Call Centre is second to none and our highly trained agents can be ready to work on your campaign within as little as one week.
If you are looking for more cost effective solutions, then we also have offshore contact centres across the globe and each country has it's own benefits depending on your campaign type. Please see our locations page here for an overview of our centres across the world... The result is that we can offer you all the outsourcing benefits at offshore prices and you still have the advantage of dealing with a UK company.  Offshore rates from an onshore UK company.  

Lead Generation

B2B or B2C; Digital Line Media are experts in lead generation, our staff have been doing these campaigns for more than 10 years.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a huge part of any sales business and enables your company to send skilled company reps to the door...

Data Collection

Data Collection, Verification & Cleansing... We can call any database on your behalf, providing the correct consent is available. 

Overflow Response

With full system set up on our internal network, if you encounter any issues you can instantly divert calls to one of our centres around the globe and keep up appearances with your customers.

Disaster Recovery

Never miss a call, even in a disaster. Whether it be fire, flood, network failure, theft, or technical issues. We are here to help you!

Answering & Virtual PA

Remote Switchboard & Receptionist Services mean that your business never misses a business opportunity as ALL calls are answered.

Campaign Response

Digital Line Media can set you up a managed team of agents, to handle responses from your marketing campaigns!

Customer Services

We can offer full customer care for your brand, offering a quick resolution to your customer enquiries.

Customer Retention

Do you want to put your competitors out of business and never give them a chance to steal your customers ever again?

Payment Lines

We can take care of all payments, when required by your customers using both over the phone and using 'click to call's'.

Fault Reporting

24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days per year! We are here for your business, but more importantly your customers too!

Market Research

We can contact customers on your behalf to conduct customer satisfaction surveys following a visit, or purchase of your products and services.

Sales Process

We have a vast number of highly trained sales people and have invested heavily to ensure you're represented in a professional manner.

Cross Selling

We have specialist sales people who are highly trained in calling a company’s current client base and cross selling them another suitable product in your range.

Claims Management

Do you have a team chasing consumers to return claims packs you have sent out? This is costly and it could be done for you in one of our centres.

Cutting Edge Analytics

By conducting surveys and spending time engaging with both you and your clients, we can identify trends in customer patterns... 

Debt Recovery

Unpaid invoices can affect a business's cashflow, reputation and create unwanted/ unnecessary work for your business!