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Why Use Us?

The benefits of outsourcing contact centre operations are clear...

Cost Advantages
Firstly and arguably the most important benefit is the cost savings that can be achieved! Just a small sample of the cost savings achieved by outsourcing are outlined below. *Our rates would include these as standard.

  • CRM Systems
  • Diallers 
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Team Leader & Manager Costs
  • IT Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Staff Bonuses & Commission 
  • Staff Benefit Costs (Holidays, Sick Pay, etc) 
  • Utility Costs (Telephone, Heating, Electricity, etc)
  • Office Space Expenses (ensuring you have a space large enough to house your call centre  operators)
  • Savings on Office Costs & Equipment
  • Time Savings
  • We manage the whole campaign
Access To Centres

Access to call centres across the world via one UK company. Each location has its own unique benefits and we can guide you through the best one for your campaign...

Flexibility & Scalability

Call volumes rise and fall, so an in-house call centre is at the mercy of periods of low volumes, when agents are idle...

Latest Technology

Outsourcers will research and invest in the best technologies for multichannel customer contact... 

Instant Up-scaling

Head count increases with a moment’s notice...

Expert Knowledge

You would benefit from our enormous knowledge, overseas relationships and our on-shore management team.


Regular meetings, calls and campaign analysis with your account manager at Digital Line Media...

Increased Bottom-lines

Outsourcing call centre services can help in increasing the profits of your business.

Get Involved

We can arrange for you to run a direct training programme with the centre agents and team leaders via skype video calls. Just because you are outsourcing does not mean you shouldn’t be involved! 

Calling Data

We are a data company and  can offer calling data for all campaigns where required. We offer major discounts to all our telemarketing clients and hold both B2B and B2C data.