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4 Ways to Use Social Shares in Boosting Your Rankings

As the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) continues to develop at a rapid pace, the conventional knowledge which concerns the approach itself shifts as well. While keyword stuffing and link spamming may have sufficed three to four years ago, the case isn’t the same for SEO strategies now—especially with search engines updating their algorithms on a near-daily basis.

When it comes to laying out knowledge that helps an SEO strategy work, most people tend to mention research, long-tail keywords, and link-buying that can ensure success. Among all the different factors that could be considered influential or vital in the performance of an SEO strategy, one that has been met with the greatest amount of speculation is the use of social shares.

Relying on social shares through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, more often than not, has been regarded as a “waste of time and resources” due to the lack of a clear connection between social media and SEO. While it may seem justified to rip on another practitioner for relying on social shares to rank better, it’s best to hold your judgement because SEO and social media are more connected than one may think.

How to use social shares to your website’s advantage

Getting your social media shares to work for your SEO strategy entails managing your social media profiles as best as possible in order to drive more leads into your website. Should you find yourself in need of another way to revamp your SEO strategy while ranking effectively, here’s how you can optimise your social media for that purpose:

1. Optimise your social media profiles

Optimising your SEO strategy with the help of social shares, first and foremost, entails having a social media profile that’s also optimised. When optimising your social media profiles, the best approach to use is one that emphasises on maintaining a consistent image across all platforms. Include a relevant bio, important links (such as your website, signup page, or a lead magnet), and pay attention to the way your branding works.

2. Publish posts regularly

An SEO strategy that relies on social media for results will ultimately be considered useless if you fail to ensure that your social media account is active enough. Posting more often will ensure that your social media accounts are active to keep your audiences engaged. Doing so will generate more shares and leads, which makes it even more important to post regularly.

3. Make your content shareable

While one share may help with bumping up your website’s ranking a little bit, a whole bunch of them will make an even greater impact on your overall SEO performance. Amassing a significant number of shares can reinforce your efforts by a long shot, essentially generating more reasons for a search engine crawler to put your website up in the rankings. Here are a few ways to make your content even more shareable:

     Use potentially viral headlines that are too irresistible not to share

     Directly ask for a share in your social media copy

     Pairing your posts with eye-catching images

4. Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags essentially function as keywords. Tastefully outfitting your shareable posts with them can boost the overall ranking performance of your website and social shares. It is important, however, to ensure that the platforms in which you use hashtags are ideal for the use of them in the first place. For example, hashtags may not work so well on Facebook posts, but they’re guaranteed to be optimal for Instagram and Twitter.

With an open mind and the necessary knowledge, you can use social shares to enhance the performance of your website rankings further. Keep the tips we have above in mind as you plan your next marketing strategy!

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