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3 Ways That Digital Marketing & Telemarketing Complement Each Other

If you combine digital marketing and telemarketing, your business can enjoy benefits you've never even dreamed of. Many companies looking to improve their ROI focus on cutting costs and eliminating unnecessary departments.

While the two above strategies can help improve your profitability, perhaps it isn’t what you should be putting your time and energy into. Consider our solution: the combination of digital marketing and telemarketing.

Why Digital Marketing and Telemarketing Work Well Together

Combining the old and the new is often the best way to bring about something incredible. In the case of this combination, the old techniques—telemarketing—have proven their value in the business world for years. They were used to create leads, turn them into paying customers, and keep them happy so they keep coming back. The new—digital marketing—gives businesses the ability to zone in on its target audience and connect them to all their digital channels.

Digital marketing and telemarketing are two different marketing strategies. When used properly, however, they undoubtedly complement each other. Digital marketing is known to allow marketers to reach a large number of people with minimal resources. Telemarketing, on the other hand, makes a personal connection. Both can and should be combined to achieve lead generation success. Telemarketing and digital marketing can build on the strengths of each other to create a complete solution that will boost sales.

Here are three ways that digital marketing and telemarketing complement each other:

1 - Digital marketing helps you connect with your leads, while telemarketing makes it personal.

Digital marketing begins with identifying the right target audience. After you’ve connected with those who are most likely to become customers online, consider taking the personal aspect to the next level by connecting with them via a phone call.

People are often wary of cold calls because they have no clue who is calling and what they are calling about. Establishing a connection online beforehand ensures that the customer has already been exposed to your brand by the time someone calls.

Telemarketing entails establishing a personal connection. Digital marketing emphasises brand recall. Together, they can be used to help your business get faster results.

2 - Telemarketing allows you to uncover opportunities that can be addressed via digital marketing channels

Upon being asked the right questions over the phone, people often reveal valuable information that they otherwise would not bother to share. Telemarketing is, therefore, a great way to uncover opportunities that could help generate more leads and drive more sales.

The more aware you are of your target customer’s day-to-day life, the more you can offer them solutions to their problems. This is where digital marketing comes in. With the help of digital marketing, you can provide your audience with solutions to their problems. Sharing that information on digital marketing avenues such as social media, blogs, websites, and more can then help you reinforce your standing as an industry leader.

3 - Digital marketing helps you gather information on your target audience so that telemarketers can better understand their needs

It’s crucial for you and your team to listen to what your prospective customers are saying on digital avenues. Telemarketing isn’t the only way to gather information on your target audience. The data you gather on social media can also help you establish a good relationship with prospective clients because it allows you to better understand and, therefore, meet their needs.

The phrase out with the old, in with the new doesn’t always apply when it comes to generating leads and retaining customers. Sometimes, the perfect mix of old-school techniques and new-school technology is the best way to see great results!


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