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5 Ideas to Level Up Your Branding Efforts in Your Instagram Posts

There are many ways to create brand awareness for your business. One effective way to do so is through social media marketing. Instagram (IG), in particular, is a platform that allows you to showcase your branding, keep up with the ever-changing IG algorithm, and captivate your target audience. Posting great photos, writing effective captions, and telling stories through IG can all make a significant difference in your branding efforts. Effective social media management is key though!

If you have a regular IG posting routine, but it still doesn’t do enough, maybe it’s about time to update your branding approach. Here are five IG post ideas that can level up your marketing pursuits.

1. Puzzle mind break

Many people are busy in their daily lives, and a quick stopover in IG gives them a momentary break. If they continue to see your usual photo, chances are they’ll scroll past your post without giving it a second look. Start creating a puzzle and post it to make your audience pause for a moment and think a little. For instance, you can show slow breathing exercises or a five-second video with soothing music. Whatever you post, the goal is to create something unexpected to keep the audience captivated.

2. Recurring challenge

There are plenty of photo challenges out there in the market. The goal is to build anticipation and expectation from your audience. That said, why not hold a recurring challenge? This photo challenge can be done daily, weekly, or even monthly. You can do so by looking for pre-existing challenges or creating one that’s very specific to your brand. For it to be effective, encourage your audience to participate and have them post their own photos. Use unique IG hashtags to drive engagement further.

3. Captions over photos

Another effective branding pursuit is to start with captions before posting photos. This means that you have to write captions first and take photos that match the captions. Captions serve to get your message across for your business branding. Writing them first helps you choose the right images for your branding and make your post more relevant. Creating a brand voice is a critical process, and this can be achieved by writing IG captions.

4. Photo essay with bio link

A business built on great content extends to its social media presence. Whether they’re photos, words, or videos, it helps to repurpose existing content. For instance, infographics used on your website can be reused in your IG gallery post. Branding consistency from your site to your social media channels can lead to further brand recognition.

5. Product teasers

As with any marketing endeavours, product teasers serve a purpose. Whether you are launching a new product or service, a teaser can excite and entice the audience, particularly loyal customers. You can build anticipation through teaser photos, videos, and question stickers, instead of directly announcing a new product. In Stories, for example, use the poll or question sticker to create engagement with your followers or create a photo teaser that will drive the utmost interest among the audience.

Instagram offers a variety of content types in between posts, stories, and IGTV. Now is the time for your business to do away with your regular IG routine and come up with fresh IG post ideas. Try to incorporate the five recommendations mentioned above and see how they can give a boost to your business branding.

If you are looking for a social media management agency to help you incorporate these ideas in your Instagram posts, get in touch with us to see how we can help!