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Digital Marketing and Telemarketing

In the modern age many people are glued to their screens and social media, but telemarking remains to be a relevant tool for businesses. On the other hand, digital marketing can certainly reach a broad audience in a short amount of time and at a relatively inexpensive cost, but what it lacks is personal, direct contact. Only high-quality and intelligent telemarketing can achieve this in the sense that it’s all about urgent and intimate communication.

In this respect, though the are some differences between the two and successful marketers know that the best way to reach their target is to use the strengths of both digital and telemarketing. The trend now is integrated marketing for the best conversion success.

Maximise your marketing strategies with the following tips:

1 - Focus on content

Offering comprehensive and relevant content is an excellent way to reach business prospects or improve your relationship with existing clients. If a law firm wants to sell law advice, they would typically approach it with brochures or online outlines of their services. This may be ineffective in reaching their target audience who may not even be aware that they need the service. The more effective way is to provide information by giving the audience content that is memorable and valuable.

2 - Capitalise on social media platforms

Social media platforms are a treasure trove of relevant information. Use them to gather information about your prospect’s needs. One good example by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great avenue to identify and engage with prospective clients. This will allow you to advertise to them based on their industry, company size, industry, and even personal interests.

3 - Build a good website

Almost all companies have a website these days, regardless of whether they are big or small. However, is your website truly doing its best to represent your company? Some sites include too much industry jargon that may be confusing for customers or the website’s navigation design is not intuitive and not optimised for tablets or mobile devices. Also, your site may not even have the latest information. All these factors may cause your audience to become frustrated and leave in search of a better website.

A good website is one that engages with prospective clients by instilling confidence and providing relevant content. Achieve this by making sure that the information gathered during telemarketing campaigns is integrated into the site.

4 - Use email for follow-up marketing

Not all phone calls lead to conversion. This doesn’t mean that the call was wasted or that it will not result in a successful partnership in the future. Because of this, the use of email marketing is essential. After a call, send out a “thank you” email which includes a summary of your services for future reference. In cases of successful appointments, send an email immediately after the call to confirm the date and other details. This will allow you to reintroduce yourself to the customer and re-establish your company.

Digital marketing makes businesses more convenient. However, when telemarketing is done right, it promotes human interaction that can foster customer loyalty. The integration of these two strategies will yield the best results for your business.

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