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Create a Successful Outbound Marketing Campaign

Though not as popular as other marketing strategies, outbound telemarketing is one of the most effective methods for growing sales and ultimately, a business. Many are intimidated by the idea of initiating contact with data lists and leads, fearing rejection, and thinking that it will be a waste of time and resources. However, outbound marketing shouldn’t be so hard. It doesn’t even have to involve persuading potential customers to buy from you.

Just like any other marketing method, building a solid outbound telemarketing strategy can help you face and overcome the challenges ahead. Building your outbound telemarketing strategy is all about tapping into the value that your business can bring to existing and potential clients.

You see, telemarketing is different from telesales. When you know that the goal for telemarketing is to promote your business and services, rather than directly selling, there’s no reason for you to worry. Telesales focuses on opening and closing a business deal over the telephone.

Meanwhile, telemarketing is all about creating opportunities, not just for sales. It can be used for market research, for instance. You can ask the client what their needs are, so that your company can potentially provide a service to meet that need. Telemarketing can also be used to ask about specific information, such as email addresses on a B2B campaign of primary decision-makers while at the same time, introducing your company.

Now, whether you’re using telemarketing for research or to introduce new products and services, there are ways to ensure that your campaign becomes a success. Here are some tips from us!

Plan, plan, plan.

As with any other aspect of your business and any other initiative you may have, you need to plan. Before you ask your marketing personnel to try telemarketing, you must be sure about the objective of this task.

You need to plan how you will approach the different people you’ll talk to over the phone. For a B2B campaign; are you expecting to speak to the first point of contact, such as the secretary? How will you approach them? Are you about to call a decision-maker? How will the telemarketer introduce themselves, the company, and the opportunities you offer?

The plan should also involve calling data analysis and planning. It’s important to get your target market correct whilst also prioritising high-value leads. Whats even more important is that you conduct due diligence on any bought in marketing lists to ensure you have the correct consent to contact the data. You should also plan what happens after the call.

Prepare a script.

After you and your staff have planned and decided what the goal for this telemarketing run would be, it’s time to prepare the script. It should be aligned with your goal. For instance, if you’re hoping to get the email address of a primary decision-maker, your script can go like this: “Hi, this is (name) from (company). We are a (what your company does). I’m hoping to send an introductory email to your (position of key decision-maker). Could you please tell me his/her name and email address?”

Remember that the script should only serve as a guide and your telemarketer shouldn’t sound like they are reading it out from a paper or screen. They should know how to lead the conversation in a friendly and natural way. Building a repour and engaging with prospects is key for a successful call.

Practice makes perfect.

Nobody’s perfect but practicing reduces the room for errors. Telemarketers need to be prepared to have a conversation, and they should be able to convey their message. When they practice among themselves, they can already have a feel of the actual conversations.

Ensure your agents understand any FAQ’s they may get asked and training on rebuttals/objection handling is important to ensure they are ready for the most likely of situations.

Telemarketing & telesales can be a costly exercise to set up and carry out in-house, but Digital Line Media exists to reduce these costs for our clients and improve ROI. We offer offshore prices with full UK management and contact. With our contact center solutions, there is no expensive office space and equipment required, no staff salaries and benefits to pay, and the time savings alone (especially on the recruitment side) can add up to some huge savings.

If you’re looking for a contact center solution or marketing agency to help you setup your campaigns, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to create a solution that works for your business.