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 5 Ways to Improve Direct Mail Marketing Results

Have you tried direct mail marketing before but didn’t get the results you expected?
Maybe you just recently considered launching a campaign?
Regardless of how extensive your experience in direct mail marketing is, it’s necessary to look at your strategy carefully. There are various ways to improve a direct marketing plan, and you can implement them NOW. Read on to learn about the tricks that can help you achieve your direct mail marketing goals.

Prioritise lead generation and take care of your customer database.

Direct mail marketing is most effective when directed to customers who already have an interest in your business. Your direct mail marketing campaigns will not deliver desirable results when not based on your customer knowledge. Your customer database must be updated regularly to make sure that your materials reach the right people. It will also help if you analyse customer behaviors and customise your materials according to what will appeal to your clients the most.

Furthermore, lead generation lets you tap into a new set of potential customers. By targeting warm leads through direct mail marketing, you can possibly begin to seal deals. An effective way to help improve your ROI and sales rate is to follow up your mailing campaign with telephone calls. Digital Line Media can help with any inbound or outbound help that you need.

Assess your data.

The key to effective direct mail marketing is to know what your customers want. What’s good about direct mail marketing is that you can customise your materials for certain groups of customers. For instance, you can create a birthday-related promo or postcard and send it to customers having their birthdays in that particular week or month.

You should also look for patterns within your data, particularly in terms of your clients’ purchasing behavior. For example, see whether there are customers who often splurge during flash sales. These are the customers who are likely to purchase when there are available discounts. You can target them for an exclusive, limited time offer sale.

Create specific content that targets customers that fall within specific categories.

Create personalized materials.

The advantage of direct marketing over indirect marketing is that it enables businesses to get in touch with customers on a personal level. Direct mail gives customers a sense of being prioritised. When you have your customers’ information at hand, don’t take it for granted. Use it to your advantage. Make sure you address your customers by their name when you send a mail. Do you know their birthday? Send a greeting with a special discount code. Did they create a wishlist? Send an update related to items on their wishlist.

Another way to make matters personal is to customise your materials in a way that they will accurately represent your company. Don’t rely on generic templates that your newsletter platform offers. Invest in excellent graphics and content that will make your business look reliable and professional.

Integrate marketing channels.

Direct mail marketing essentially pertains to printed mail. However, as many people use email and social media nowadays, it’s best to integrate direct mail marketing efforts with online campaigns. Aside from email, you can also create landing pages that target a specific group of customers.

Test what works best.

Different businesses have different marketing needs, which means that different marketing strategies also work differently. Once you’ve found a strategy that works well for you, don’t hesitate to try another one. Applying at least two strategies at the same time allows you to test which one works best for your business.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you setup your campaigns, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to create a solution that works for your business.