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What We Do...
Here at Digital Line Media (just call us DLM for short!) we are a creative design agency and multi-channel marketing agency with a rare down to earth approach. 
We specialise in illustration, logo design and branding projects to help our clients realise and portray their true brand identity. From day one, we will take time out to fully understand your brand story and your vision for the future. 

We love design stuff, but we also love direct marketing in general! Our roots are firmly planted in the marketing world and to this day we still offer outsourced contact centres, data list rental, lead generation, telemarketing, digital and direct marketing. We know that all this can be a somewhat boring subject and we aim to change this by cutting industry jargon, having an energetic team, keeping things simple and ultimately being a little lighter hearted! 

The company is owned and operated by two dedicated marketing professionals who between them have over 26 years experience in the industry. We work closely with our customers to ensure campaign goals are achieved and the vision our customers have for their brand is realised.
With our vast experience, we can offer a full design and marketing strategy... from an initial website and brand identity, to creating a full marketing strategy for your business in order to gain new prospects. Look no further than DLM.

Our Services

How It Works...

Once you contact us you will be placed in the safe hands of one of our account managers who will talk through your brief and goals. We may ask you to fill in a client brief as this ensures that we understand every part of your 'vision'. 

Our design department is headed up by Jessica who is our Creative Designer and oversees all design and branding work. 

Once we understand your goals we will come up with a proposal, action plan and a quote for your design brief or campaign. Straight forward and simple! 

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